Friday, 21 January 2011

for me, it's about Love...

"ok, I'm not a romantic people (romantic woman, I mean). I think romantic is 'picisan'. yes, only a set of word, an exciting collection of words which is pronounced only. we'll be happy.. but only for a moment. yess. Only happy or blossomed or flowered or whatever when we were reading or hearing it"

But..actually I'm just an ordinary woman (not girls, because I'm 23 years old now, almost 24 years old) oh no!!

When I've read an article of love or just a little quote of love, I will interested, be passion, and be happy :D. ((happy??)) yes. although the writings not for me. hahaha :D :D
because I could feel the tremendous energy of love from the author.
I thing, it's the meaning a power of love.

Love, just the simple the word but, the true love isn't "picisan".

do you know the effect from the power of love?
with love we will do everything with passion, not forced, sincerity.

hmm.. actually I don't know what's the meaning of true love..

"The True lovers don't like Promise,
But, once they decide to love,
They will soon make plans to giving"
(anis matta)

Love is giving..forever and ever.

"I think, it's like the love's mom to her children..
we know, every mother will do anything for her children safety.."

hmm.. many other examples of love
But I think, there are the most important about a true love:

when love is giving the best .. . so, give it to the eligible person.
give it to our parents
give it to our husband
give it to our wife
give it to our children
give it to our relatives
give it to our teachers
give it to our students
give it to our friends
give it to the needy
when it's all done, so who gives and who were given will be more loving ...

don't give it to
those who aren't eligible.
it will be very painful and it's not baroqah...

love is giving, just because our love to ALLAH SWT..
love is giving, just to the eligible person with the good way, properly, and wisely..

[[because love need boldness.. to decided and sacrifice]]

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