Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Now, I'm in Pare Kediri. I used bus to go here yesterday. Well, in here I think the atmosphere still village atmosphere. Emerge, The Fasilities in here so complete.
my opinion about this village so expensive. Example, the price of boarding house which I stay for 1 month Rp.175.000 with 4 peoples in 1 room with out cabinet. So, price of 1 room is Rp.175.000x4 = Rp.680.000,- It's like a price of boarding house in Jakarta with 1 person 1 room. And about the food, I think still standar price. rice and vegetable about Rp.5000 and it can be expensive if you eat with chicken or meat maybe ( I dont know because I plan to diet in this village. you know, if we stay in our home, we have to eat the food in our eating room..haghag. if we stay in boarding house we can control our food :D)
In here, inexpensive price just for the course. you just pay about Rp.300.000-500.000 with many programs in 5 class in one day. The magnetism of this village is the compact program, just 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. It recomended to fill the holiday time..
any way, we have to study in this village just not for studying english, but for study about manage a village. The citizens in this village can get many incomes form the student who join english program in here. You can invest your money in here. It's a prospect bussines.