Monday, 7 May 2012

Capture and Cat ^o^

ongki and her mom, popo :) the sweetes baby x!

popo as a child xo xo !

the best sister-brother, popo & popoy.. 

have a nice dream po ;p

briptu norman holic !! yeaahh :D

the sweetest Ipin :) you'll be happy at there, ipin..

miss u so bad :'(

the great boy, opin! hoaammm x) x)

opiinn..please look at me dear *^%$^

what you look opin???(*&%$^$

the sweetest boy, my opin :)

opiinnn :)

what ar u doing,opiinn??

whatsss??? *&^$$#%$%

great my opin ^^

dont damage the tree,opiinn

yeah, you must love the tree, it's for your generation right?? go green p(^^)q

oh carefulll opiinnn

opin, opin.. I'm here baby :)

hey, what food you eat opiinn??


opiinnn, look at me please

feel down opiinn catch it, Ipin..

be carefull ipin x)

ipin, upin, opin... luv u all :)

the best sister brother, Ipin & opin :)

opiinnn... xoxoxo

Great opiinn!! Go Green!

what you look, opin?


my opin :)

upin & her mom, apin..


you still a baby, upin :)

opin & his mom

your mom very love you, opin :)

very sleepy..

ipin, ipin, opin :)\

popoy&popo.. :)

popoy&popo, you've old now! xoxo

popi..miss u so bad honey :'(

so comforttt ^^


the sweetest, popo :o

popo you were child,,, but you've babys now :)

popo :)

popo :)

popoy x!

 because all of you are sweet, guys :)

loving mom, forever ^^

ongki and her mom, popo :)'re the sweetest cat :)

ok, popi :)

ongkiii xoxo 

popi,, why you lookrd your uncle like that??

thw sweetest, ongki :)

popi,,you love your uncle right?? ;p

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