Wednesday, 1 February 2012

home sick

actually, my intention to go to pare, I just want contemplation. run away from my job, my home, and anything at Solo. But, you know, Allah SWT has instructed to straighten out our intention. and now...I'am home sick(ing).... I'm missing my mom, I'm missing my dad, I'm missing my sister, my nephew and my cats...
but not just I'm missing. I will always miss them forever, ever..

I want to go home....
but I must repair my english skill. grammar, toefl, speaking...
I will straighten out my intention.
I just want to study in here.
hopefully Allah SWT provide ease for me finishing all my activities in here..


  1. Muahahaha,... :D
    Ganbatte Kudassai!!!

    Btw, about "google translate", it can only translate your English into Bahasa Indonesia correctly when your structure is correct, vice versa,..
    So, it was really helpful for me,.. I recommend it,..

  2. Nun..berapa lama di sana? dari kapan smp kapan?

    1. 1 bulan 10 hari. dari tanggal 29 januari-10 maret inshaallah..
      mau nyusul ndah?? hehe